Once an experience is built, it's time to deploy the experience so that others can open and view your experiences. This is done by creating deployments.

Create Deployment

To create a deployment:

  • Go to the Experience page.
  • Find the section named Deployment and click on + New Deployment.
  • At this point, toggle the LIVE switch to expand the deployment options. This will also publish your experience at the provided link in the expansion.

This will show up options with a QR code that links to the deployment viewing page.


  • Free accounts support only 1 live deployment at a time.
  • Professional accounts support 10 live deployments at a time.

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Inside of the Deployment's Card

  1. Name of your deployment
    1. Rename
    2. Delete
  2. Preview Experience
  3. Analytics
  4. LIVE toggle switch
  5. GEO-FENCING toggle switch
  6. Sharing options:
    1. Link
    2. Embed
    3. Fullscreen
  7. Authentication (Choose who can see your deployment)
    1. Social
    2. Public
    3. Editor
    4. Viewer Group based

Once you create an experience you can easily share it with everyone by creating a deployment. You have complete control over who can view an experience you created. This is done using Viewer Groups.

Tweaking Deployment

To enable people to view the experiences you create on the GMetri Platform, one needs to:

  • Create a deployment for the experience.
  • Make the deployment live.

Viewer restrictions

  • You can choose who gets to see your experiences. This is done by selecting a particular Viewer Group.
  • Enabling the GEO-FENCING feature will restrict users based on location parameters.

Free accounts support only 50,000 lifetime views acorss experiences.

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