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# Getting Started

This section will help you get started and acquainted with the GMetri platform.


Sign up

You can sign up on the GMetri platform with a valid email address. Once you have completed the sign up process, an email with be sent to the registered email address to verify your identity. After verification, you can proceed to login. To sign up to the GMetri Platform, click here.

Sign in

To sign in to the GMetri Platform, click here. Use your registered email ID to sign in.footnote

Experience Dashboard

After you sign in, click on Get Started to head over to the Dashboard. Here you can see all your experiences.


By default, when you sign in, you will see experiences from your default organization. To view experiences from your other organizations, you can click on your avatar and select the organization from the drop down menu.

Change Organization

You can click on one of the experience thumbnails on the dashboard to edit an experience. Information on experiences has been discussed in Create sub-section of Features.


On the experience page, clicking on Build / Edit Experience, opens up the editor. This is a space for you to create XR Experiences by using simple drag and drop tools. Information about the Editor has been discussed in Create sub-section of Features.


Profile and Settings

Click on your avatar to open a drop down menu that can take you to your Profile Page, and Settings Page for your organization.

Settings Navigation


On the profile page, you can edit your name and mobile number. You can also delete your account.



On the settings page, you can change the name of your organization, manage your GMetri Subscriptions, Viewer Groups and Team Members. More information on this is available in the Publish sub-section of the Features.


  1. You can also use Google or Microsoft Azure accounts to sign in if you have an Enterprise subscription.