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What is GMetri?

GMetri is a no-code browser-based metaverse toolkit - providing the complete web 3.0 infrastructure to create, publish and track your own metaverse.
GMetri helps individuals and businesses create, share and track collaborative metaverse experiences for training, online stores, product showcases, immersive tours, stories and more.
Here's a short video to get you familiar with the GMetri Platform:
GMetri 15 Minute Intro


Here's a demo Metaverse experience with E-Commerce integration enabled.
Use the arrow keys or the joystick you see on your mobile to move around. Click on the products in display to get a detailed Product Card. You can also try purchasing the items to get redirected to their respective pages (though with integrations like Shopify even shopping carts work within the Metaverse).
Retail Metaverse Demo

Digital Twins

GMetri excels at creating Digital Twins for training, simulations, virtual facilities, facility tours, product showcases, events, employee onboarding, recruitment to name a few use cases.
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