A Timer can help you count up or down and create timed interactions. You can use this for quiz, games and more. This will help you measure or limit the time taken by someone to complete a section or the whole experience.

Step 1: Add a Timer

You can add a Timer to your experience by clicking on the '+' icon in the left bar and selecting ‘Timer’ under 'Gamification section.

Step 2: Adjust the Timer

The reliability of the timer element is increments of 0.25 seconds. So if you have a rule that says when Timer matches 7.2 seconds, it will probably trigger at 7.25 seconds.

The right panel provides different options to customize your timer.

You can switch between count up/count down, control the Minutes/Seconds, Autoplay option, and choose the font and its weight, adjust the placement.

Example Experience

Here's a sample experience for a count up timer:

You can add 'Rules' to enable the timer to begin and stop or toggle.

Here are the rules used in the above example experience.

Below are the set of rules used in the above example:

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