10-04 Oct Update

v0.5.5015 / 4 Oct 2023

🚂 Editor Upgrade: V4 to V6

We released the v5 editor in November 2021 and introduced v6 in August 2023. Both of these releases marked major upgrades in terms of the underlying technology and the way we store GMetri projects.

During the transition from v4 to v5, we did not automatically update older projects. Instead, we have continued to support the older v4 format in legacy mode for approximately two years.

Throughout this time, GMetri's feature set has expanded significantly.

We are planning to decommission the v4 editor in the near future. Fortunately, this change will not impact your deployments. This is because, for an extended period, v4 projects have been viewed using the latest viewer. In the viewer we update v4 projects on the fly to the latest version (to v6), without saving them back, to ensure that you can still use the v4 editor, while getting the benefits of our latest viewer.

However please be aware that before the next release, when you access older projects, you will start seeing the new editor instead of the older v4 editor.

✨ Improvements

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed orientation issues with VR mode

  • Fixed Point To action in VR mode

  • Fixed variable templating for Embed 3D element

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