06-31 June Update

June 2021 Update (Teaxr v0.5.622)

🚀 Major Features

  • Updated browser whitelisting for different OS and browsers

  • 2 events are available as clickable actions: is_clicked (resettable) and has_been_clicked (not-resettable)

  • Actionbar notch now shows a contrasting color to the background

  • Full support for Macbook touchpad in V5 viewer

Minor Improvements

  • Ability to delete and update org logo from the settings page

  • UI fixes on V5 screens

  • Duplicate To dropdown in portal is now searchable. Search can be done on org slug or org name

  • Removed option to Import and select for File manager plugins (sketchfab/flickr/GMetri panos/Drew panos)

  • V5 deployment links can be accessed from publish section on the editor

  • Reset View button can be enabled/disabled from editor

  • UX changed on deployment slug renames when there are clashing deployments with same slug. User sees a toaster and the changes are reverted

🐛 Bug Fixes

A whole lot of bug fixes in the V5 viewer:

  • Hover events will now works correctly for 0 secs durations

  • All Viewer Screens (Leadgen, Language, VR instructions etc) work seamlessly on mobile devices

  • Actionbar variations on all devices (mobile/tablet/desktop) work as expected

  • Fixed crashing Popups with 3d Models and AR elements on iOS devices

  • Capture text no longer allows itself to be submitted with an empty string

  • Media Upload UI fixed

  • Fixed timer seek_to and on_end events

  • Fixed scrolling issue on viewer screens for V5 viewer

  • Fixed Custom list login page for V5 Viewer

  • Enforce landscape screen shows a better graphic

  • Fixed orbit controls clicks on mobile devices

  • Mouse dragging works during scene transitions

  • GMetri watermark is shown if whitelabel is disabled


  • Fixed team invite flow on portal

  • Automatically adding new scenes to menu if auto add new scene to menu property is checked on settings screen inside editor

  • Non-live deployments are blocked from V5 viewer

  • Fixed contact Drew page link

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