Live Stream Zoom on YouTube

GMetri supports adding YouTube live stream video as embeds.

Zoom meetings/webinars can also be added as embeds when streamed via YouTube Live (more info on this below)

YouTube Live Stream

Live Stream must first be enabled on your YouTube account in order for you to start a Live video. For more information on this, please check YouTube help.

  1. After you start your live video, obtain the embed code from the video:

    • Click on "Share"

    • Click on the "Embed" option

  2. In the experience editor, add an EmbedHtml element. In the space provided, add the embed code copied from youtube.

    a. To stream without the Live Chat feature

    Change the attributes width and height to: width=100% height=100%

    b. To embed the Live Chat feature along with your live video stream

    • Change attributes width and height to: width=70% height=100% in the pasted Embed Video code.

    • Add the following below the pasted code:

        width=27% height=100%  
        src="{video id}&"
        frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture"
    • Replace the part where {video id} is mentioned inside the src attribute with the video ID of your live stream. To obtain video ID, click on "Share" and copy only the highlighted part as shown.

      Your Properties should now look something like this:

  3. Choose a display mode for the EmbedHTML element.

    • Picture-in-picture mode:

    This mode opens a small window where the user can view the livestream as well as the experience at the same time.

    • Pop-up mode

    • Fullscreen mode

    These modes open the live stream as an overlay on top the rest of the experience.

  4. Also add a rule to show the EmbedHTML element setup above when clicked on any button.

Linking Zoom with YouTube

A Zoom meeting or webinar can be streamed lived on youtube. This allows participants to join meetings/webinars on youtube and comment via youtube live chat. Those viewing on Youtube can only comment via Youtube, and cannot interact directly with other meeting/webinar attendees.

To stream meetings and webinars live on Youtube, you need to have a Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise account on Zoom. You also need to have a Youtube account and live streaming enabled on Youtube.

Enabling Youtube Live Streaming for Meetings

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.

  2. Click on Account Management > Account Settings.

  3. Toggle the Allow live streaming the meetings under In Meeting (Advanced), and enable Youtube.

For more information about Account level activation, please see here.

Enabling Youtube Live Streaming for Webinars

  1. As an Owner or Account Admin, sign in to the Zoom web portal.

  2. Go to Account Management > Webinar Settings.

  3. Click Edit to the right of In Webinar Settings.

  4. Enable Allow hosts to live stream to webinars, and then enable Youtube.

  5. Click on Save Changes.

Initiating a Live Stream to Youtube

  1. Start the Webinar or Meeting.

  2. Click on More in the Meeting/Webinar Controls.

  3. Click Live on YouTube.

  4. Login to Youtube by following the steps shown.

  5. After successful authentication, the following page should open up:

    Specify the settings you need:

    • Title to display on Youtube

    • Privacy

  6. Click on the Go Live! button.

  7. You will see a progress bar, letting you know that the session is being prepared for streaming.

  8. Wait for the notification from the Zoom client that your Meeting/Webinar is Live on YouTube, then begin your Meeting/Webinar.

  9. Streaming stops when you end the webinar or meeting, or click More then Stop Live Stream in the meeting controls.

Embed it in your experience

To embed youtube live streams, follow the steps in this section.

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