08-28 Aug Update

v0.5.4910 / 28 Aug 2023

✨ Improvements

  • 🪑 Better UX while using the Seat element in the editor - a model on a seat is now displayed while placing the element.
Dr Manhattan is here to help you place the Seat Element
  • 🔊 Added a “matches duration” event for Audio TTS element.
  • 🎭 Animations are now applied to compatible Characters selected even from outside of Ready Player Me.
  • 📚 Updated UI used to create and add files to a Character element's Brain.
  • 🆘 Better help options in the top bar of the Portal. More visible help icons on the Editor top bar.
Hint: We realllly want you to join our Discord Community!
  • 📁 You can now select Character files from the File Manager for custom avatars.
  • 🧑‍🎨 Added a configure avatar link in the deployment page (takes you to avatar preferences), and a few UI improvements.
Better Deployment Section UI
  • 🖼️ Better icons and thumbnails for Screenshare, Zone, Seat, and Embed3d in the “Add Element” page.

In The Viewer:

  • 📝 Removed cursor instruction for third-person view (as they aren't needed there). Also, we now show instructions when scene changes from 360 to 3D.
  • 🌐 The optimization that happens to a project while viewing a link - which causes dormant scenes to be removed from it, is no longer applied while previewing the project. This is because the editor might be working on a project that is currently inaccessible but might later link it into the project.
  • 🇯🇵 Translation updates: Capture Input element's copy for Japanese.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • 🔄 When a browser tab with a GMetri view link was duplicated, the session id used to get duplicated - and viewer updates used to get overwritten. This is now fixed.
  • ➕ Deleting an element and then trying to add a new element without selecting anything from the Structure Panel used to fail. This is now fixed.
  • 📝 Entering text in input boxes should no longer moves the camera. This issue used to sometimes bring the camera down to ground level (because of the “e” reduce camera height shortcut). Fixed!
  • 🧘♂
    The input box for camera height no longer loses focus while modifying it.
  • 📊 Fixed viewer sessions table UI in analytics. It wasn’t being rendered correctly in case there a large number of columns as a result of a large number of variables.
  • 📈 In certain cases, the analytics page used to show errors and the page refused to render. This is now fixed.

In The Viewer:

  • 🎮 Controller movement fixes for VR mode on headset devices.
  • 📷 Fixed camera height and name bubble position while sitting.
  • 🔁 Reset rotation property wasn’t being applied for Third person mode. This is now fixed.