Broadcast Mode

Broadcast Mode allows specific players, known as Broadcast players, to share their audio with all scene instances. These players can be seen and heard by all players within the metaverse, enhancing the collaborative experience.

Broadcast Mode can be accessed from the deployment section on the GMetri Editor by accessing a link. This link also uses a passcode which will be required for all players to enter the experience as a Broadcast.

Broadcast Player Capabilities

A Broadcast player possesses the following capabilities:

  • Broadcasting Audio: A Broadcast player can send their audio feed to all instances of the scene, enabling effective communication with all normal players.

  • Visibility: The 3D avatar of the Broadcast player is visible to all players across all instances of the scene, facilitating identification and interaction.

  • Interacting with Other Broadcast Players: A Broadcast player can see and hear other Broadcast players in the metaverse, allowing for seamless collaboration between Broadcast players.

Broadcast Player Restrictions

To ensure an optimal experience and prevent overload, certain restrictions are placed on the Broadcast player:

  • Inability to See Normal Players: The Broadcast player does not have visibility of normal players within the metaverse. This limitation is implemented to manage visual complexity and prevent overwhelming the Broadcast player's experience.

  • No Audio from Normal PLayers: The Broadcast player does not receive audio from normal players. This restriction helps maintain clarity and prevent audio overload for the Broadcast player.

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