Make sure the person you are trying to add as a collaborator is already a team member in your workspace.

Multiple editors can edit an experience at the same time.

To edit and experience, you need to be either an admin of the workspace, OR be added as a collaborator of that experience.

Use this tab to add new collaborators to the experience.

  • Click on Add Collaborators button under Collaborators section.

  • Enter email address of a registered user who you want to collaborate with.

Members who are invited to collaborate on an experience will receive an email invitation. Once they accept the invitation, they will be allowed to access and edit the experience.

  • Any collaborator can invite more members to collaborate on the experience.

  • Creator of the experience is not the owner of the experience and all collaborators including the creator have equal access to the experience.

  • The admins of an organization are by default allowed to access and edit all the experiences of their organization.

  • Once members have been added as collaborators, they will have access to all features including editing experiences, creating/updating/deleting deployments, and even deleting the experience. Add your collaborators carefully.

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