Headset Testing - WebXR Emulator

Testing experiences designed for Headsets in Desktop Browsers using WebXR Emulator

During the creation process of a headset-based experience, testing the workings in a desktop-based environment is often easier. The design principles for headset experience and desktop experiences differ at times due to certain limitations on headsets.

There is an easy way to test headset-based experiences on desktop devices.

This is ONLY for testing purposes. Experiences should be tested on headset before final deployment.

There are 2 ways to setup the development environment

Follow the steps listed here https://github.com/felixtrz/WebXR-emulator-extension#how-to-install-the-newest-version


Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions on your browser

  2. Enable Developer Mode from the top right on your screen

  3. Drag-n-Drop the downloaded file on this page

  4. In the prompt that appears, click Add extension button

How to use WebXR emulator Extension

  1. Open developer tools on chrome using shortcut CTRL/CMD + I

  2. Select WebXR option from the tabs

  3. Select one of the devices from the dropdown

  4. Click on the Enter VR button from the hamburger menu (on top-right) from the GMetriXR experience and enter VR mode on your desktop

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