Viewport Properties

Viewport Properties is an editor panel that facilitates the movement and placement of items within your experience.

Camera Mode

First Person Camera Mode

First person mode allows you move along the plane at a given height using the WASD or the arrow keys. You can control this height from the Top Bar.

Fly Camera Mode

In Fly Mode, you can:

  • Use left click and drag to orbit around a point

  • Use scroll bar to move forward and backward

  • Use right click and drag to pan

Transform Mode

The transform how you move elements in the editor.

There are 3 transform modes:

  • Drag: Moves the element across a spherical plane with the camera as the center

  • Translate: Shows the Transform arrows that allows you to move the element across x, y or z axes or xy, yz or zx planes.

  • Rotate: Shows the Rotation controls that allow you to rotate the element across x, y or z axes.

The axes in question above can be relative either to the World or the local element. Control this by using the Axis setting below.

You can refer to the below article to understand how this mode works in a 3D space.

pagePlacement in 3D Space


The translate and rotate controls can be relative to one of two available axes - World or Local.

Scene Bound Visibility

You can change the visibility of the scene boundary using this setting.

You can refer to scene bounds in the below article to understand how they work


Bounding Box

This is 3D cuboid frame that encloses an element within the experience. It is used to represent the dimensions and position of an item.

Shown below are examples with and without bounding box visibility.

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