Control who accesses your deployment
You can control who accesses your deployments by changing it's Authentication.
Authentication Options


This option allows anyone to access your deployment


The viewer can login using their social credentials like Google or Facebook/Instagram account to access your experience

Load from another experience

This allows you to link multiple deployments. Selecting this option makes this deployment visible in the “Open Deployment” rule while you build another experience.

Public with history

This option allows anyone to access your experience, but GMetri assigns a viewer id to track history. So when the same person accesses the experience again from the same device and browser, their variables or progress would remain intact.

Advanced Authentication Mechanisms

There are a lot more authentication mechanisms you can use:


The authentication options below are available only for the enterprise tier


Custom List


Password With Expiry

Viewer Groups

Many of the above authentication mechanisms can be setup from the Viewer Group section.
Opening the Viewers Group page from the portal menu
Viewer Groups