10-26 Oct Update

v0.5.3331 / 26 Oct 2022

🚀 Major Features

  • DRACO compressed models are now supported. This allows you to use models that are highly optimized for the web. Learn more about DRACO compression here.

  • The Control Panel underwent an upgrade. You now get "Fullscreen", "VR mode", "Reset rotation" neatly tucked into it. Comments too have been moved inside. It's also now easier to join calls.

  • Branding section now contains logo, metadata and support message options

Minor Improvements

  • Added ability to purchase credits from the billing page

  • Performance upgrade for the editor. This was a major internal rewrite of the editor. The editor should now feel "snappier"

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Docs links in the editor fixed

  • Fixed an issue with USDZ generation for 3D models

  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes when modifying elements like quiz and actionbar

  • Fixed issues with removing users from the Team Members list

  • Fixed issues with invalidation of user invites

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