Colliders are structures that prevent viewers from walking through a space.
There are three types of colliders - Scene Bounds, Collider Volume, Collider Mesh
For colliders to work, ensure that "Enable Collisions" is enabled in Scene Properties

Scene Bounds

Scene Bound is the boundary of your scene. Every place that you want the viewer to visit should be within the Scene Bounds.
In the editor, scene bounds are visible as a grid and can be toggled from the Viewport Properties. Scene bounds are only visible in the editor - you can't see them in the deployed link.
Scene Bounds

How can I change Scene Bounds?

To modify the Scene bounds of your scene, go to the 'Structure' option and select 'Scene'. Then, you can adjust the X, Y, and Z axis ranges to make the necessary changes.
How to change the scene bounds in your experience
If you want to remove Scene Bounds - set its size to 0
Here's an example experience for Scene Bound. The scene bounds prevent you from going near the windows.
Scene bounds - Sample experience

Collider Volume

A Collider Volume is an invisible box/sphere/cone/volume that objects will rest on top of. Without colliders, viewers will fall through floors and go through walls and benches. The position, shape and dimensions of this volume can be adjusted from the properties panel.
Collider box element
In view, the collider box elements are represented as invisible cubes with which the players will collide and not walk through.

Collider Mesh

Enhance your experience by incorporating a 3D object that has collision capabilities. You can either upload your own customized 3D model or choose one from our pre-installed libraries.
Collider Mesh

Collider Example

Here's an example of how a collider works on an experience:
Colliders - Sample experience

Video Tutorial for Colliders

Collider Tutorial
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