String Variable Rules

String: When Rules

  1. changes: Gets triggered if the string variable undergoes a change.

  2. is =: If the value or input of a string variable matches a certain number, a specific action can be triggered.

  3. is in the list / is not in the list - If the value or input of a string variable is present or not present in a predefined comma-separated list, a certain action can be triggered.

String: Then Rules

  1. reset to default value - This will set the variable back to its default value.

  2. append capture data - Appends the captured value (as opposed to completely replacing the current string with the captured value).

  3. set to string - Sets it to a string value.

  4. find and replace - provided the ability to locate specific text, letters within a string variable and replace them with a desired value, and store the resulting value in this string variable.

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