07-02 July Update

July 2021 Update (Teaxr v0.5.683)

🚀 Major Features

  • V5 Viewer official release

Minor Improvements

  • Logout and offlining option removed from Viewer Preferences

  • Allow fullscreen and Allow VR are default checked in Viewer Preferences

  • Preview section shows correct thumbnail on the Rightbar

  • Better user role management on the portal

🐛 Bug Fixes

A whole lot of bug fixes in the V5 viewer:

  • Fixed initial rotation on mobile devices with gyro

  • Fixed reset view on mobile devices

  • VR mode disabled in unsupported devices

  • Android edge is now supported without VR functionality

  • Fixed hover functionality on all 3D elements

  • Fixed timer pause and timer match events

  • Media upload and QR matcher are now mobile compatible

  • Smarter checks for rendering 3D elements

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