01-10 Jan Update

v0.5.3734 / 01 Jan 2023

🚀 Major Features

  • WooCommerce integration. There is now a WooCommerce plugin in GMetri. You can bring your existing stores built on WooCommerce easily into the Metaverse.

  • A Brand new Editor UI 🥳 🎉

    We have removed the left bar, and moved a lot of the functionality to a new bar, paving way for a sleeker UX and faster improvements

  • Improved Avatar System

Minor Improvements

  • A lot more ready to use "My Metaverse Rooms" added

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with EmbedHTML and EmbedSCORM element where it makes a unnecessary request to server.

  • Fixed issue where screen gets locked in mobile phones

  • My Metaverse Rooms use organization cname if present

  • Fixed search in Resources Panel

  • Fixed duplication of deployment for My Metaverse Rooms

  • Fixed jittery transform control while dragging elements. Sometimes while dragging elements the controls used to disappear

  • Fixed loading issue for V4 editor

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