Zones are interactive areas that can be used for a variety of purposes.

When you add a new 3D Scene, there's always a default Zone that gets added - which is the spawn zone. A Spawn Zone controls where viewers will spawn when they enter the 3D Scene.

How can I set the spawn zone?

To include a 'Zone' in your experience, navigate to the 3D elements section and click the '+' icon. Then, select the 'Zone' element and add it to your experience.

To manage the 'Spawn Zone', access the properties panel by selecting the appropriate scene from the right panel. From there, navigate to the 'Spawn Zone' section and choose the desired zone to set as the Spawn zone.

How can I detect when a viewer enters a zone?

You can add a "Then Rule" to detect when the viewer enters a zone.

How can I teleport to a zone?

By incorporating rules, you have the ability to teleport your viewer to a different zone or scene.

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