03-10 Mar Update

v0.5.3959 / 10 Mar 2023

🚀 Major Features

  • ReadyPlayerMe Integration for Avatar System
Avatar Selection
  • A new Character element and ReadyPlayerMe Plugin for Filemanager. Characters can be imported from ReadyPlayerMe.
Character Plugin

⏫ Minor Improvements

  • Preview URLs now start with “…”
  • On headset, a persistent overlay is visible to enter into Immersive mode
  • Actionbar UI improvements
  • Streamlined UI for menu, hamburger menu on top-right of the page uses only the required amount of space
  • Rotation controls for Meta Quest controllers using the left thumbstick
  • Button B interactivity for Meta Quest controllers
  • Token expiry screen when viewer token expires

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Avatar heights are in sync between non-immersive and immersive modes
  • Sideways running issue in 3D scenes in 3rd person view is fixed
  • WASD keypress on properties/structure doesn’t trigger movement of the user
  • Toast notifications are shown for all operations correctly
  • Typo fixes for branding section
  • Fixed lighting issue with 3D models
  • Avatar Rotation in 3rd person mode
  • Resolved UI issues with screenshare element
  • Is In List rule for number variable
  • Fixed issues in Comment Pins