How do I add a video to my experience?

To play your video at the desired time, make use of "Rules". Ensure that you apply the "play video" rule during any "is clicked" event.

Step 1: Add a Video

You can add a video by clicking on the '+' icon in the top bar.
Adding a video

Step 2: Upload / Choose file

You can choose from the inventory of videos or upload one from your computer.
Read below to know how to select a file to upload a video.

Step 3: Adjust the Video element

The reliability of the Video element is increments of 0.25 seconds. So if you have a rule that says when Video matches duration 7.2 seconds, it will probably trigger at 7.25 seconds.
On the right-hand side, there are multiple options available to modify your video element.
You can replace the video, give it a new name, adjust its dimensions, transparency, and proportion, as well as other features.
You can also animate, control the speed and modify other adjustments too, from here.
Adjusting a video element

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