URL or QR Code

As soon as you create a new deployment, we automatically create a URL (your deployment link) and a QR code that you can use instantly.

This is the link which you can share with your audience. You can also edit the last part of this link to whatever you want.

As an example, the link from the screenshot above is https://rnghud.gmetri.com/my_first_metaverse

In this example, rnghud is your automatically generated organization alias, a 6-character string. You can find your organization alias by creating a deployment, or by following the steps here.

Enterprise-tier customers can also request to set a custom workspace alias - the first part of the URL - "rnghud" above). Contact us to get more details.

You can customize the name - the my_first_metaverse part of the link from the example above - by clicking the edit button to its right. This name must be unique across your projects.

QR Code

You can share this QR code with your audience so they can view this deployment.


You can export the experience as a SCORM package to use in your LMS. Both SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2 are supported.

pageExport as SCORM package

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