Avatars vs Characters

Use Avatars and Characters to place people/bots and add interactivity to your Metaverse

What's the difference between Avatars and Characters?

Avatars are the digital representation of actual people (humans... for now). When you enter the metaverse, you enter as your Avatar. You also see other people as their avatars.

Behind every Avatar is an actual person

Character is a bot controlled by the computer/the GMetri game engine. We can make these characters interactive by making them speak, animate etc. when someone clicks on them (or link them with any other event through rules).

In the Metaverse's 3D Space, Avatars (in most systems) are generally 3D Models. Characters can be a Character Element, 3D Model, Video, Image, GIF.. etc.

Avatars in a GMetri experience


To be able to select your avatar when entering a GMetri experience, you need to ensure that "Multiplayer" mode is turned on and that there is at-least one 3D Scene in the experience.

The editor of the experience can choose which Avatars a viewer is allowed to select when entering an experience by specifying them in the Setting > Collaboration tab.

Characters in a GMetri experience


Characters can be added using:

Here's an example where the character is added via a Green Screen Video.

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