Elements are the basic blocks you use to build an experience. Use the Add (+) icon to add elements.
Add Panel
You can check all elements added to your scene in the Structure Panel
Elements in the Structure Panel
The unit used in GMetri for 3D placement is meters.
The unit used in GMetri for rotations is degrees.

Universal Elements

Universal Elements work in VR Mode also


  • Image 360
  • Video 360



Also, check Audio Optimizations.

Polygons And Shapes

HTML only Elements

Beyond this point, the elements you add to the scene don't automatically show up in the editor. They only show in the Structure Panel.
For most such elements in order to use them, you need to add a rule that says
when <something happens> then <Element> should appear
All elements below (except Score and Timer) are elements that work only in the browser mode and Not in VR Mode. If you are designing for VR, restrict yourself to the elements above (along with Score and Timer).


  • AR
  • QR Browser
  • QR Matcher


User Input

  • Capture Input
  • Media Upload

User Interface


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