Zoom Setup

Here are the steps to link a Zoom meeting or webinar to a live stream:

During a Meeting

Step 1: Start Zoom Meeting

Start the zoom meeting like you usually do

Step 2: Start Streaming

When you are ready to link the meeting to a live stream, click on "More" -> "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service"

This will open a web page where you can enter the live stream details. You need to enter three things here:

  1. Stream URL

  2. Streaming Key

  3. Live streaming page URL

Enter these and click "Go Live!"

Step 3: Continue with the Zoom Meeting/Webinar

Your Zoom meeting is now being streamed.

Continue with the Zoom Meeting.

Step 4: Stop Streaming

After you done with the Zoom Meeting and want to stop the live streaming, click on "More" -> "Stop Live Stream"

Once live streaming stops you cannot use the same streaming URL once again. So be sure that the meeting has ended and you no longer want to stream the event before stopping live stream.

After stopping the Live Stream, you can end the Zoom Call the usual way.

Linking a Zoom Call to a LiveStream during Meeting Setup

Optionally, you can link a Zoom Meeting/Webinar with Live Stream beforehand.

Follow these steps to setup the meeting details before hand.

Things to Remember

  • The RTMPS URL is a one-time use URL. Once a live stream ends, you cannot use the same URL again to live stream.

  • Only the Host of the Meeting can start and end the live stream.

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