07-01 July Update

v0.5.2753 / 01 July 2022

🚀 Major Features

  • Environment element now allows user to select any custom file as the environment

  • Billboarding now supports 3 modes - Y, XY and XYZ

  • Text chat for Multiplayer.

  • Spawn zones in 3D scenes. This allows setting the starting position in a 3D Scene.

  • Multiplayer mode now enabled in all scene types - 360 scene, Orbit scene and 3D scene.

Minor Improvements

  • Allowing custom project thumbnail from Settings -> Upload Project thumbnail

  • Uploaded files in file manager no longer need a refresh to become selectable

  • More structure and files added to Assets by GMetri Plugins

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed green screen color defaults

  • Fixed horizontal alignment on text elements

  • Fixed Zone Element’s scaling uniformity

  • Fixed hotspots compatibility with VR mode and flickering issues

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