3D Model Optimizations

  • The model should be scaled to real life sizes and the origin point should be at the center of the model before exporting.

  • For the model to be efficient, the poly count should be kept as low as possible. All the textures exported should go through a compression pass using online compressor tinypng.com or similar.

  • Lower the size of the model, the better would be the loading speed.

    • Ensure the number of vertices/triangles/polygons is as low as possible.

    • Ensure textures are compressed

    • Bake the textures into the model. Keep textures less than 4k resolution.

3D Model Details and File Size Recommendation​

ElementRecommended Max Triangles CountRecommended Max File Size

3D Models - Cumulative



Colliders - Cumulative



The above recommendation is for the whole scene. This is, less than 50k triangles, 50MB file size in total for a scene (i.e. the sum of all triangles/file sizes for all 3D Models in a scene).

Baking Textures into 3D Models

This is workflow we recommend. https://sketchfab.com/blogs/community/sketchfab-archvis-workflow-based-on-vray-baked-textures/


  • Decide to combine all objects or do them as individual objects

  • Texture your model correctly with properly unwrapped UVs - no overlaps

  • Setup good lighting and test it in quick render modes

  • Bake and export textures

Other Workflows:

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