Image Aspect Ratio

Determining the aspect ratio of images to use ensuring no distortion

Let's say you want to place an image in a 3D Scene - on a wall or on a banner or a TV - how do you know what aspect ratio to use?

You can depend on a property of GMetri - that when you first import an image, GMetri maintains its aspect ratio.

There are a few images in GMetri Assets > Images that are essentially grids - you can use grids to find out the aspect ratio of these walls

These are the good ones:

Measuring aspect ratio

The steps to measure the aspect ratio of a wall is to place the grid on the wall (align as closely as possible) and then scale it so one side becomes a whole number

Example 1

For example here for this wall, we placed and scaled it so that the y height = 10

And the corresponding x length happens to be 16.2 (-1 to 15.2) - so you want to use an image with an aspect ratio of 16.2:10 for this wall - something like Eg: 800px x 500px

Example 2

This ratio happens to be 20:7.4. So you want an image with a resolution like 1000px x 370px

This is of course only true when you want exactly 0 distortion. You can also ballpark it and make minor adjustments to the image element with minor distortion.

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