12-08 Dec Update

v0.5.3589 / 08 Dec 2022

🚀 Major Features

  • A new section at the top of you portal - My Metaverse Rooms which is a set of deployments that you can use out of the box with a GMetri account.

  • Replaced "Cube Collider" with "Collider Volume" elements that allows many shapes like sphere cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, polygon and torus.

  • Added a new element "Collider Mesh" that allows you to specify a 3D file (glb or gltf) as a collider.

  • Added a new property "Mouse Jump" to both collider elements that lets you decide if the user should be allowed to jump on the collider using right click or not.

  • Added a new element "Workspace Logo" that gets replaced with the Workspace Logo (or the Project Logo if you have specified that) depending on which workspace the project is in.

  • Added a new property to 3D elements - Environment Map Intensity. This can be used to reduce any "burn" in a 3D Model caused by the environment map selected in a scene.

Minor Improvements

  • Added Fly Controls to editor. This can be toggled only through the shortcut alt + q as of now.

  • Added ability to both add and replace users to the Viewer Group type "Custom List".

  • In Host Mode, in case the number of participants is large, a few of the names go below the page. Now there’s a scrollbar to help with this.

  • Team Members count is a lot more lenient now in accordance with the latest pricing.

  • Rules are now tracked even for the rule (“Open URL” on the same tab). Earlier, because of the page switch, the rule didn’t get tracked

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • In the rules "Open Deployment", fixed overflowing content in the open deployment modal to choose deployments from

  • Fixed API where on renaming deployment name, the new deployment name should not be a part of deployment list

  • Better WebGL crash messages

  • The default rule that was part of a new experience crashed viewer. This is now fixed.

  • Fixed an issue where in certain cases, audio chat didn't work in scenes with long names

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