04-05 Apr Update

v0.5.5728 / 05 Apr 2024

⏫ Improvements

  • Streamlined Avatar System: Simplified the avatar system to include only three options: Ready Player Me, Custom, and None. Removed the outdated "Basic" avatar system that used conical avatars for a more streamlined experience.

  • Introduction of "Basic" Brain Type: Added a new "Basic" brain type, allowing users to set the AI prompt directly on the right bar, eliminating the need to select a specific brain.

🔐 Security Enhancements

  • Enhanced Preview Link Generation: Revised the method for generating preview links to bolster security measures.

  • Improved Data Encryption: Updated the encryption process for enhanced data security.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Mobile - Walking Straight: Resolved the issue of walking straight on mobile devices using the third-person joystick, ensuring smoother navigation.

  • Character Element Audio Issue: Fixed an issue related to the Character element audio for improved functionality.

  • 3D Asset Loading Bugs: Addressed several bugs in the loading process of 3D assets utilizing KTX compression, ensuring proper loading and display.

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