11-12 Nov Update

November 2021 Update (Teaxr v0.5.1446)

🚀 Major Features

  • Viewer

    • Better transparency management and rendering of all elements

  • Editor

    • Undo-Redo can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts. The list of all keyboard shortcuts is published here

Minor Improvements

  • Editor

    • Adding new element when a group element is selected adds it within the same group

    • For all elements that have background_source, 3d_model_source, a new option to remove the selected assets

    • Deprecated text length from viewer form

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Editor

    • On End event added to instructions element. Fires when all stories have finished

    • FOV change shows up correctly in the 360 environment

    • Updates to experience can be viewed correctly in the preview/view links. Experience data/cache gets updated correctly.

    • Correct updates to deployment authentication

  • Viewer

    • Fixed billboarding in VR mode

    • Fixed issue with Product card where it doesn't show 3D Model button

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