Without Multiplayer Mode, how many people can be in the same scene at the same time?


There's virtually no limit to the number of people you can get in these deployments. However, we would recommend let us know in case you are planning to host an event with >50,000 concurrent users.

In non-multiplayer deployments, multiple people in the same scene don't see each other

With Multiplayer Mode, how many people can be in the same scene at the same time?

100 people in the same scene. Upto 100,000 with room instancing.

In multiplayer deployments, you can see each other, and interact with each other.

In a single scene, you can have maximum of 100 people at a time.

You can circumvent this limit, and support up to 100,000 people per room by using Room Limits. You can create copies of room (upto 1000 copies) and allow max 100 people per instance of the room - allowing a total of 100 x 1000 = 100,000 people in the same deployment link.

Room Limits

Room Capacity is the maximum number of people can enter the same scene at a time.

If you get more than say the Room Capacity number of people in a room, we create another replica (instance) of the scene (or room), and the next person enter this new room copy (or instance). You can control these limits from the "Room Limits" tab.

Room Instancing Options

  • Room Capacity (max 100): Maximum number of viewers allowed in one scene instance (or room instance)

  • Number of Instances (max 1000): Maximum number of scene replicas that can be created

  • Overspill Message: If there are already (room capacity x number of instances) number of people in a scene, when the next person enters the scene - they see this message.

When someone enters the scene after it reaches its max capacity, the viewer can still explore the space in non-multiplayer mode

Issue when you have too many people in the same room in Multiplayer experiences

In Multiplayer mode, when you have too many people trying to access the same link at the same time, it results in two problems:

  1. Bandwidth: Slower speeds for everyone involved. This is because each device has to share the link's bandwidth with all of the other devices.

  2. Spatial: how many people can you fit in a room? If you put 50 people in a room, all you would see are other people bumping into each other.

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