Shared Rules

When Multiplayeris turned on, you can keep rule triggering in sync for everyone in the same room by checking the "Shared" checkbox for rules.

A few scenarios where shared rules can be useful are:

  • Moving all players to a particular scene at the same time

  • Playing a video for everyone

  • Keeping a variable in sync for everyone

Syncing a Variable across Viewers

The following rule basically sets the value of a variable to itself.

When variable_a changes, Then variable_a should capture data.

By marking this rule "Shared", we can transmit the value to all players in the room and keep the variable value in sync.


  • Shared rules only trigger the rules. In case there are limitations in the device of the user to actually execute the "Then Action", all end users might not have the same experience.

  • For example in iOS devices, audio generally plays only on user interaction. Even though you may trigger the "Then Audio1 should play" action for everyone, it may not play as not everyone would have touched their screens (or provided the user action that iOS deems necessary to play the audio).

  • Test with you target device to be sure.

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