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Publishing a Metaverse as a Full-Page Website

Copy the <html> code from the "Other" tab and paste it on your website to host the Metaverse as a Full Page website.

How can I create Full page Metaverse Website?

In case you don't have a website or want to set up a new one, you can use the guide below.

Here's how to create a Full page Metaverse on Github pages

You can follow similar steps to embed the metaverse on your website

Example website: https://metaverse.boardroomx.com

Deployment: https://demo.gmetri.com/gmetri_event_vr_public

GitHub Repository Link: https://github.com/gmetrixr/website-metaverse-example

We will be setting up the following deployment as a Website:

  • GMetri Deployment: https://gmetri_demo.gmetri.com/gmetri_event_vr_public

  • Website URL: https://metaverse.boardroomx.com

Step 1) Github Repository Setup

Create a GitHub repository and enable GitHub Pages for it. To enable GitHub pages, go to that repository's "Settings > Pages", select the branch "main", and Save.

We created this repository.

Step 2) Add DNS entry for the final URL

Point the URL you want of your final experience to either <user>.github.io or <organization>.github.io. Check detailed instructions here.

For this example, we added a CNAME record metaverse.boardroomx.com with the value gmetrixr.github.io .

Once the DNS record is created, add the final website's hostname under Custom Domain.

Once the certificate is issued, make sure "Enforce https" is checked.

Step 3) Add an index.html in the repository

Go to the repository and add a new file with the name index.html

Your website should now be live.

It may take some time (a few minutes to an hour) for the TLS (https) certificate to activate globally.

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