Avatar System

Use Avatars and Characters to place people/bots and add interactivity to your Metaverse.

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Avatars are the digital representation of actual people (humans... for now). When you enter the metaverse, you enter as your Avatar. You also see other people as their avatars.

Behind every Avatar is an actual person

How do I select an Avatar System?

You can activate Avatars within your deployment settings and choose the most appropriate option based on your preferences.

During the preview of the experience prior to going live, you can incorporate Avatars. You can choose from a variety of Avatar systems based on your interests.

Choose your Avatar System

You can choose from several Avatar systems to suit your needs based on the type of experience you are building.

Basic + Ready Player Me

This system offers two choices: Basic and Ready Player Me. The Basic Avatar is the default cone Avatar included in Gmetri. Ready Player Me is a third-party platform that enables you to create a personalized Avatar by either uploading a picture or selecting one from the Gmetri Assets.

Check the corresponding viewer section here:

GMetri Avatars

This system only provides basic cone-shaped Avatars that are pre-installed in Gmetri.

Basic + Custom

This system offers two options: Basic and Custom. By selecting the Custom Avatars option, you can upload a custom Avatar from your computer. Click on 'Add Avatar', select the file, and you will be directed to the file manager where you can upload your custom Avatar.

You can add up to 6 custom Avatars in any experience.

Make sure that all the custom Avatars you plan to upload are 3D models.


This system does not include any Avatars.

Viewer Camera Preference

You can choose between two camera preferences, first person or third person, when setting up a 3D scene. You can create an Avatar and display your digital representation to others.

With the first person mode, you can view the experience from the editor's perspective. On the other hand, the third person mode lets you see yourself within the Avatar that you have constructed.

You can check how a viewer perceives these modes here:

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