Troubleshooting webcam and microphone

You can enable your microphone and camera for other participants to see and hear you.

Allowing Access to Camera and Microphone

To access your microphone and/or webcam, click on the buttons located at the bottom, which will change their indicating that they are now turned on.

On the left image, the camera is turned off and the microphone is on mute. On the right image, both are open and in use.

If you are prompted, make sure to grant permission for camera and microphone access. The image displayed in this example pertains to Firefox.

Please refer to the instructions below to learn how to enable these permissions on other browsers.

In case you continue to experience difficulties, verify your permissions and camera/microphone settings.

  • Click on settings and ensure that you can see a list of your microphone and camera devices. If you have multiple devices, choose the appropriate one.

  • If your Camera or Microphone is not visible, the first step is to restart Chrome and attempt to use login once again.

  • If you are still encountering difficulties in accessing or using your Camera or Microphone, please confirm if it is functioning properly on other websites.

Refer here for the instructions

How to Grant Permissions in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

Read on to learn about setting microphone and camera permissions for different browsers.


Firefox and Safari

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