To access your Preferences settings, you can click on the Settings icon located on the top-bar.

Let's explore each of the options on the Preferences settings page below.

Initial Scene

The "Initial Scene" refers to the scene that starts first when a viewer launches your experience. This setting is particularly useful when you have multiple scenes in your experience and want to make sure that a specific scene is shown first.

Field of View

This setting controls the field of view, which refers to the extent of the observable environment that is seen at any given moment in your experience.

The default value is typically set to 75 degrees and in most cases, it is not necessary to change it.


If you are targeting low-end devices, you can set the Graphics to "Adaptive".

Viewer Camera

Automatically Track Rules

If this is checked, the rules applied to the experience will be tracked automatically through active analytics tracking.

Before the Experience starts

Show Navigation Instructions

If this is checked, the experience will show navigation instructions for 360 scenes, to the viewer.

Show Click to Start

If this is checked, "Start" button will appear for the viewer to enter the experience.

Show Instructions for 3D scene

If this is checked, the experience will show navigation instructions for 3D scenes, to the viewer.

Experience Description

You can add a description that will appear below the "Click to Start" button for the viewer.

Control Panel

Allow VR Mode

This controls the visibility of the VR mode button, if the hardware supports it.

Allow Fullscreen mode

This controls the Fullscreen button.

Show "Reset View" button

When the user clicks this button, the scene will realign to the initial view.

Show Zoom controls

Show Volume Controls

Enabling this option will control the visibility of the volume button.


Enable Gyroscope

You can enable gyroscope view according to the viewer's position and perspective in real-time based on the movement of their device, creating an immersive and interactive experience.

Open only in supported browsers

Checking this option, controls whether a browser compatibility check will be performed.

When this option is enabled, and you use a browser that's not supported, you get the following blocker screen.

Enforce Landscape Mode on mobile devices

Checking this box will allow your experience to be viewed in landscape mode if it is designed to be viewed in that orientation.

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