Sending data to GMetri Deployment

GMetri supports receiving data for any experience using variables.

You can use query params to send data to a GMetri Deployment using the following format:<deployment_slug>?var1=value1&var2=value2...

When passing complex values like URLs or tokens, make sure you encodeURIComponent the value to ensure special characters get passed correctly.

Example of using query params to override variables

To use outside data in a GMetri experience using URLs, follow these steps

  1. Add a custom variable to your experience in editor

  2. Make use of that variable in your experience any way you want such as via text elements, rules etc./

  3. Create a deployment and copy the deployment link. You will get the deployment link as

  4. Add the variable you created as a query param to the deployment link as!

  5. You'll be able to use the variable in any way in the experience.

Link for the following embed:! You can update the query param and see different results for yourself.

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