What are Characters?

Characters are typically 3D representation of either a person or an object.

These characters can be controlled by users and can be customized to have different appearances, abilities, and behaviors.

By applying rules, we can make characters interactive and enable them to speak, animate, and perform other actions when clicked on or triggered by other events.

How do I add a Character Element into my experience?

You can add a Character Element into your experience by selecting 'Character' from the top bar.

How can I make adjustments to my Character Element?

On the right panel, you can find options to choose or upload a character, either from your computer or from a file manager. Additionally, you can transform the character and adjust its scale using these options.

How do I Upload/Choose file for a Character Element?

Once you click on 'Upload/Choose file', you will be directed to File Manager > My Assets > My Imports > Characters.

To create a new character or modify an existing one, you can click on the 'Add a new character' option, which will redirect you to Real Player Me.

Once the character is generated, it will be saved under 'Files'. To add the character element to your experience, simply click on the element and select 'Select'.

How animation can my Character Element do and how?

A character element can perform various actions and animations, including talking, waving hands, appearing and disappearing, and even clapping hands.

To make your character element perform these activities, you can apply specific rules for each action.

Here is an example experience that shows how a Character element can be made to perform different actions:

The rules used in the above experience are:

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