02-11 Feb Update

February 2022 Update (Teaxr v0.5.1902)

  • Editor

    • Users are greeted with an onboarding guide

    • Rolling out V5 Editor as default editor for new projects and option to upgrade existing v4 projects to v5 projects

    • A new Resource Panel has been added with lots of useful links and guides

    • Ability to convert TTS to Audio element

  • Viewer

    • Option to "Enable Multiplayer mode" which shows all the connected viewers on view links. Option can be paired with comments and enabled from the publish section

    • Ability to use "find and replace" rules with string variables

  • Website

    • New website rollout

  • Editor

    • Scroll position now doesn’t reset when switching between Properties and Structure Tabs

    • 3D Models can be previewed in the File Manager

    • Ability to control the preview banner of any video element being shown in the Editor, controlled within the Preview Popup

    • Search now works in Rules’ dropdowns

    • Element/Scene address can now be copied from the Properties Panel toolbar

  • Editor

    • Copy-Paste actions fixed for group elements

    • Fixed File Manager searching for Drew Pano and GMetri Pano Plugins

    • Correct mimetype added to TTS files

    • Text alignment properties now work consistently between the editor and viewer

    • Color picker in the right bar now picks up correct colors

  • Viewer

    • Improved error handling and error reporting

    • Fixed billboarding for Oculus Quest 1

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