05-16 May Update

v0.5.4293 / 16 May 2023

🚀 Major Features

  • ​Broadcast mode for deployments that allow broadcasters to send audio stream and be visible in all rooms instances.
  • ​Linked Popups - Image and video elements can be linked to popups that opens when the element is clicked

⏫ Minor Improvements

  • Changed defaults for new experiences. Default scene - 3D scene, default camera controls - 3rd Person
  • On duration matches rule for Audio Element

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts when using chat and comments
  • Fixed Comments for 3D Scenes
  • Fixed scaling issue for character element between editor and viewer
  • Fixed popup rendering issue for older experiences
  • Fixed name templating in emails
  • Fixed editor crash when user name doesn’t exist