06-6 June Update

v0.5.4398 / 6 June 2023

⏫ Minor Improvements

  • 📝 We've made the "is in list" and "is not in list" rule events case insensitive for a more user-friendly experience.

  • 🚫 We've removed userguiding to streamline the editing process.

  • 🎮 We've added a pitch range for 3D scenes to give you more control over your 3D environment.

  • 👾 We've made cosmetic changes to the AI character element to enhance its visual appeal.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • 🐞 We've fixed the background clipping for the text element (without background) to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

  • 🔄 We've fixed the point to action while moving between different scene types for smoother transitions.

  • ✅ We've fixed the close button clickability for popups for better user interaction.

  • 🔒 We've fixed the access issue for the leaderboard page while logged out to ensure secure access.

  • 🔄 We've updated the Agora version for improved performance.

  • 🔄 We've updated project calls for both client and server for better synchronization.

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