Avatars are the digital representation of actual people (humans... for now)
When you enter the metaverse, you enter as your Avatar. You also see other people as their avatars.
Behind every Avatar is an actual person

How do I create my Avatar?

The following instructions apply when you view a GMetri deployment link. If you are trying to first create an experience (to deploy), check the Build Your Metaverse and Avatar System sections.

Ready Player Me

Basic + Ready Player Me Avatar System
If you wish to create an Avatar using Ready Player Me, select the option 'Ready Player Me' and you will be redirected to the following screen. Here, you can make your selection based on your preferences.
Ready Me Player - Create your Avatar
You have the option to take a picture, select a file from your computer, or continue without a photo to generate your Avatar.
Ready Me Player 2 - Create your Avatar
After selecting your preferred option, follow the subsequent steps to create your Avatar.
Here is an example of a Ready Player Me Avatar generated after selecting the 'Continue without a photo' option.
Example Avatar

GMetri Avatars

Basic Only Avatar System

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