03-27 Mar Update

v0.5.5697 / 27 Mar 2024

⏫ Improvements

  • Walking Speed Multiplier: Implemented a walking speed multiplier, allowing users to accelerate the experience by adjusting the walking speed.

  • Character Element Events: Added two new events to the Character element: "Finishes Speaking" and "Finishes AI Response," facilitating smoother integration of events in interactive storylines involving character elements.

  • Mobile “Tap to Start” Screen: Introduced a new "Tap to Start" screen on mobile devices to ensure the audiocontext is unlocked, improving user experience.

  • Multiline Text Input: Enabled multiline text input in various then actions, including "Set to String," "Speak," "Show Notification," and "Replace Screen Reader Text," enhancing flexibility and functionality.

  • Wider Rule Name Input Boxes: Increased the width of rule name input boxes to accommodate longer rule names, improving visibility and usability.

  • Autogenerated Variable Table Enhancement: Updated the autogenerated variable table to display variable categories on the Variables Settings page for improved organization and management.

🔐 Security Enhancements

  • Password Expiry: Implemented password expiry for GMetri editor accounts. Accounts older than a specified period will prompt users to update their passwords for enhanced security.

  • Reduced Third-party App Usage: Minimized the utilization of third-party applications accessing GMetri data to bolster data security and privacy.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Movement Speeds: Fixed movement speeds for both first-person and third-person modes, providing smoother navigation.

  • Autogenerated Variable Headers Alignment: Corrected the alignment of autogenerated variable headers for consistency and clarity.

  • Logic Map Sorting: Ensured correct sorting of logic map rules and when events for better organization and ease of use.

  • Gyro Permissions: Fixed the issue where gyro permissions were being requested in third-person mode on iOS devices. Gyro permissions are now requested only in first-person experiences.

  • Player Count Variable Changes: Rectified the issue where changes in player_count_var weren't triggering when events, ensuring proper functionality.

  • Initial Hidden States of Actionbar Items: Addressed the issue with the initial hidden states of actionbar items for improved consistency and usability.

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