What is an Actionbar?

Actionbar is a set of collapsible buttons that can be added to any experience.

Actionbar element doesn't work when in VR Mode

Step 1: Add an Actionbar

You can add an Actionbar by clicking on the '+' icon in the left bar and selecting ‘Actionbar’ under the 'User Interface' section.

Step 2: Customize the Actionbar

You have the option to tailor the actionbar to your preferences. The right-hand panel offers various choices, such as the position of the actionbar (top, right, left, or bottom), labelling, changing the color, and adding buttons that can link to your desired destination URL. You can also name the buttons, add images, and more.

You can add various call-to-action buttons/ info buttons and more to your experience.

You can add multiple actionbars in your experience.

Step 3: Linking Actionbar items

Actionbar items (the individual buttons) can be linked using rules. The rules applied in the above experience are shown below:

Example Experience

Example actionbar in an experience:

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