Whitelisting for Editing Experiences

If you are unable to view Experiences on GMetri on certain networks, which is commonly the case on corporate and university networks, it may be required to whitelist GMetri's servers and ports so that they are not blocked by the firewall.


These domains cover the bare minimum domains that need to be whitelisted for any GMetri experience to run.

  1. *.gmetri.com

  2. *.vrgmetri.com

  3. *.s3.amazonaws.com For uploading files from the editor

In addition to the above list, you will need to additionally whitelist the below domains

  1. *.paddle.com Subscription and Billing management

  2. *.flickr.com, *.staticflickr.com Integration with Flickr

  3. *.sketchfab.com Integration with Sketchfab

  4. *.googleapi.com, developers.google.com, *.google.com, *.gstatic.com Maps, location-based analytics

We use ReadyPlayerMe as our 3D avatar provider. Users can log in to their own RPM account and import their avatars into GMetri, our create a new one as guests.

  1. readyplayer.me

  2. cname.vercel-dns.com

  3. avatars.readyplayer.me

  4. d1a370nemizbjq.cloudfront.net

Optional Services

We use a number of services to keep GMetri systems functional and support advanced features.

Google SSO / Location Tracking (Optional)

These are required for Google SSO and location tracking. These are optional but are required is you're looking to use Social and Google Auth for your GMetri Experiences

  1. *.googleapis.com

  2. developers.google.com

Help / Support (Optional)

These are required for any remote debugging issues at the user's end. We use Trackjs to collect any errors reported on users' devices and Calendly to book meetings.

  1. *.trackjs.com

  2. calendly.com

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