10-14 Oct Update

v0.5.3231 / 14 Oct 2022

🚀 Major Features

  • PBR materials are now supported in 3D Models

  • New name bubble design over Avatars

  • Restructured Branding section.

Minor Improvements

  • New deployments are Live by default

  • There are new auto-generated variable for tracking the viewer's last name and full name

  • Users are hidden when they enter the spawn zone

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Preventing access to the editor without a valid uuid

  • Fixed inconsistency with durations on the Deployment Analytics page

  • Fixed styling issues on Analytics page

  • Fixed clickability issues with Colliders

  • Viewer name gets computed correctly for CustomList login

  • Fixed movement when typing inside chatbox

  • Fixed the avatar selection screen

  • Fixed OEmbed URL expansion when using an alias for workspace name

  • Editor blocked on unsupported browsers

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