To view a GMetri experience, generally, you just need to click the deployment link that was shared with you.

Experiences may also be embedded in a webpage - in that case, it should automatically load when you open the web page.

If instead you were given an app or an LMS page - you can contact the admin in your organization to get details of how to run the experience.

Running the experience on your Phone or Desktop

  • Open the default browser on your phone (Ensure its one of these browsers)

  • Type the deployment link that you want to open as the URL and load the page

Running the experience on a Headset

To open a GMetri experience on a headset, open the deployment link in the Headset's default browser, and click the "Enter VR Mode" button that pops up.


Here is a GMetri experience embedded in this webpage:

You can also access the same experience by clicking on this link.

Internet Speeds

If you are experiencing connection issues when joining a GMetri Experience, the first step is to do a Speed Test

The faster your speeds are, the better your GMetri experience will be.

  • For the best experience: 50Mbps download, 10Mbps upload

  • Minimum requirements: 20Mbps download, 2Mbps upload

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