Character AI

This document outlines the process of adding a character, customizing its appearance and voice, and enabling it with artificial intelligence (AI) in GMetri.


  1. Adding a Character:

  2. Customizing Appearance and Voice:

    • Adjust the character's scale, position, and rotation as needed.

    • If using a Ready Player Me avatar, access advanced customization through the "Edit in Ready Player Me" button.

    • Choose a voice from the available language options.

    • Adjust the voice pitch and talking speed

  3. Enabling AI:

    • In the properties panel, select the checkbox "AI Brain"

    • Choose one of the available AI brain types:

      • Q&A Brain: Ideal for answering questions based on provided knowledge sources.

      • Roleplaying Brain: Best for simulating characters in scripted scenarios.

      • OpenAI Assistant (Enterprise Only)

    • For Q&A Brain:

      • Create a new brain by using the "Add brain" button.

      • Add context as required.

      • Order matters, what you add first gets parsed first.

      • Upload or link to text files, PDFs, documents, or webpages relevant to the character's knowledge base.

      • Click the "Train" button to process the context and enable Q&A functionality.

  4. Setting the AI Brain:

    • In the right-hand toolbar, select the brain you just created from the sub-menu.

Important Notes:

  • This feature is currently not supported on headsets.

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