08-26 Aug Update

v0.5.2753 / 26 Aug 2022

Major Features

  • You can now add rules to load another GMetri experience. This allows you to create a web of Metaverses from a single central space.
  • You can now select different 3D Avatars for multiplayer deployments.
Selecting your own Avatar
  • Collaboration section re-structured for better visibility of available features.
  • You can now send Notifications to all Viewers live on a particular deployment. This works only if Multiplayer is enabled.
New Collaboration Section, Notifications

Minor Improvements

  • You can select a Project thumbnail via Settings. This is the thumbnail that gets used when sharing the published project (deployment) in social media.
  • Large number of assets added to the "Assets by GMetri" file manager plugin. This should help you get started faster.
  • "Hide" enabled for ambient light, and "Hide" and "Lock" enabled for directional light.
Ability to hide lights
  • Appropriate warnings are now shown while selecting files that don't meet asset recommendations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rotation of 3D scenes.
  • Duration column in Analytics section fixed.